Supermassive Black Holes from Kansas City

How the band came to be...

The Event Horizon

Formed in 2010, these four extraordinary individuals crossed paths during the legendary Monday jam nights at the renowned Crosstown Station. United by their shared passion for exploration and musical adventure, Supermassive Black Holes create a mind-bending sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries. 

Matt Davis drives the rhythm section with his captivating drumming, infusing each composition with intricate fills and an uncanny ability to bend the beat across infinite styles. Alexis Barclay holds down the rock-solid foundation with his reliable and steady bass playing, providing the band with a powerful and unwavering groove. 

John Johnson's guitar mastery channels the spirits of legends like Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa, crafting intricate melodies and scorching solos that mesmerize audiences and transport them to uncharted realms. Chad Brothers, the tasteful and textural guitarist, adds depth and nuance to the band's sonic palette, weaving atmospheric textures that intertwine seamlessly with their cosmic explorations. 

Together, they forge a musical bond that transcends genres. Their chemistry, honed over 13 years of collaboration, effortlessly pushes the boundaries of sonic expression. 

Amidst the swirling sonic cosmos that Supermassive Black Holes conjure, the realms of space and the celestial find their way into the band's artistry. Their lyrics and inter-band banter often allude to the cosmic dance, adding an ethereal touch to their already mind-expanding performances. 

Within their repertoire, standout tracks like "Break Some Bones," "Tis What It Is," "Change Your Mind," and "The Man" showcase the band's multifaceted brilliance. These sonic journeys embody the essence of Supermassive Black Holes, featuring Matt's captivating drumming, Alexis's rock-solid bass, John's mesmerizing guitar work, and Chad's textured playing. 

Looking ahead, Supermassive Black Holes are currently working on a highly anticipated full-length original studio album, set to be released in the Fall of 2023. With their immersive soundscapes, cosmic inspirations, and an extensive repertoire of captivating compositions, Supermassive Black Holes invite listeners to embark on an interstellar voyage of musical discovery. Brace yourself for an immersive and transformative experience as Supermassive Black Holes propel you into uncharted realms with their spellbinding sonic tapestry.

Prepare to lose yourself in the boundless expanse of Supermassive Black Holes' sonic tapestry. Embrace the interstellar voyage and let their music be the catalyst that propels you into uncharted realms. Brace yourself for an immersive and transformative experience, as these sonic pioneers elevate the very notion of rock, transporting listeners to the outer reaches of their imagination.